Meet the Cast!

Darth Bear
The protagonist (if you can call him that) of Miscreants, Darth is a self-proclaimed Black Knight with a host of mysterious powers. A bearcat hailing from regions unknown, Darth is best described as a lunatic. Proclaiming to be a force of chaos and evil, he's more like a mischief maker and pain in the ass who happens to have unusually high luck. Acting as a mercenary, his reputation is easily as small as he is, though those who hire him usually never forget him OR the 'surprises' he creates along the way.

Sir Chester
Darth's trusty steed, Chester is a large, farm-variety pig that Darth believes is an omen to destruction. Chester is just happy not to be bacon, really he is. When not assisting Darth, Chester enjoys vegetarian slop and beating up on farmers, boozers, and other assorted tweaker folk. While he only speaks in his own animal sounds, Darth for some reason seems completely able to understand Chester's utterances.

Atani Alvain
A priestess working for an unknown organization, Atani is an earnest and serious young woman, dedicated to the dictates of her job. Entrusted by a mysterious, cloaked man, she is sent to find the Silver Goddess Sword and a wielder for it, Atani winds up with Darth. Needless to say, she wishes for better, but has to make things work. An accomplished mage, Atani has strong aptitudes for fire magic.