FAQ? (Or, stating the obvious.)

What about your old comic?
Miscreants would be the remix or evolution of the original (mis)Adventures of Darth Bear comic. While I kept at it for the better part of two years, I just sort of jumped in without really considering all the elements of making a proper story for one of my favorite all time character creations - that and sprites simply didn't allow me to be as creative or do things the exact way I wanted to. In the end, I became frustrated with these limitations and also, sought some much-needed time off. Now back from my sabbatical, I've spent quite some time planning Miscreants in a much more cohesive fashion. Furthermore, I've teamed up with Koneko-Ealaín Studio to turn this into a hand-drawn comic. (Which is something I really cannot do on my own - even my stick figures tend to look horrendous!)

What format will this comic come in?
This is a hand-drawn comic. Artwork will be provided by Koneko-Ealaín Studio (See our link above), and main writing will be done by me. It will come out monthly (hopefully) in PDF format, generally 12 to 15 pages. After much deliberation, and some experimentation, PDF was recognized as the most optimal format, permitting us more 'working room', and sorta takes the 'web' out of 'webcomic'.

How big will it be?
As far as page count, see above. As far as the story itself goes, who knows? While not an epic saga in size, Miscreants is a fairly large story, with an already sizeable script, so perhaps a few years.

When is Miscreants Launching?
We do not have a current 'hard' street date for Miscreants. There is an internal deadline set, but, as we are just starting out, we are still gauging how fast we can make progress. Stay tuned for when Miscreants launches!